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With design trends ever evolving we are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve, to bring you the latest designs and finishes in signature frames and mirrors, to give you the perfect “statement” piece to anchor and highlight your work.

For a period of time, designers and their customers have been moving toward a modern cleaner appearance in their home interiors, and as follows, on their frames for art and mirrors. With this movement in design, we developed a line of products that reflect this desire for a cool clean appearance. White, black and silver are the predominate finishes being used to satisfy this desired appearance, in frames that evoke a smooth clean quiet feeling.

The next movement we are seeing is the desire to still keep this clean cool appearance, but to create a connection or link to the past by infusing a single “Statement Piece” of traditional furniture or framing done in a modern finish. This anchor with the past has given birth to our new line of finishes for these focal point pieces, which we hope will excite you and your clients.

With over 50 years of experience in producing the finest gilded frames and mirrors for discerning designers and their clients, we are excited for this new line and hope they can help in complementing and bringing out the excitement in your work.

William Craig

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